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DigiCrossing :: Love Day 2014 by Shadoomy
Armonia :: Outfit Hunting by ShadoomySteam :: Secret Santa 2013 (For Eternanyx) by Shadoomy
Armonia :: Fairies Ring (Collab) by ShadoomyArmonia :: buttsnuggles by Shadoomy

Art Status

Black Lace Requests - CLOSED by iDaphodilBlack Lace Commissions - OPEN by iDaphodilBlack Lace Art Trades - FRIENDS ONLY by iDaphodil

Things I need to do:

Contest Prizes for Ultra-Adeline (Eventually I will do this I swear :stare:)
Kiribian for PetalSparkle

Refs for PKMNation

People that owe me art:

Veemonsito - Art Trade /my half done

LabonBull - Art Trade /my half done

Stais - Commission? /paid

fancyfur Art Trade /my half done

Emboars - Art Trade /my half done

Pannzilla - Icon Commission /not paid (points)

Pannzilla - Art Trade /my half done

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Steam :: Gavin Application (New) by ShadoomySteam :: Dakota App by Shadoomy
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Armonia :: Nick App by Shadoomy
DigiCrossing :: Gage App by ShadoomyPMA :: Dezi App by Shadoomy
SH :: Dimitri App by ShadoomyStM :: Levi App by Shadoomy
Truffville :: Azriel App by ShadoomyPKMC :: Lucius App by Shadoomy
TDE :: Christmas App by Shadoomy

Future Groups

Art For Me~

~Art for Me~
Be sure to visit these great artist and people~

Bittersweet Symphony by fluwe
Happy Early Birthday! by HizakuruDelivering The Presents by Coharra
Pokemon Steam Secret Santa by Minish-MaeNick - ArtTrade by Era-cy

My Jams yo

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2 deviants said I love having something that says 'ultra rare' but it's worht 10np
1 deviant said Stupid neopets
1 deviant said but
No deviants said Faerie Kougra didn't get in for Kougra day but today
No deviants said gdi I won a Petpet worth 10 NP. XD
No deviants said I wish they'd edit some of the 'rarities' XD


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About Me



Hi there. My names Amanda, but I prefer Shadow or Doomy.
I'm a 20 year old female that lives in the dumb state of Ohio.
I don't have a life and I spend every waking moment on this silly site. While I do have OCs and such, as of late I've joined a lot of RP groups, mostly Pokemon ones, and that's what you'll see 90% of the time from me if you watch me~

Though I'm going to warn you right now that, while I seem alright typing this, I fight with depression, anxiety, and a lot of stress due to a variety of irl problems and things that have happened. I may write a vent journal from time to time, and maybe even act like I'm leaving, but in the end I'll probably get over it. Probably. If you don't want to deal with that, then I suggest you leave now.

Just another note that I don't take well to stupidity. Especially when you're ignorant to things that are 'common sense' as in not reading something description, and asking questions when the answer is right in front of your face. Don't come to me stupid questions. Don't come to me with stupid things. Don't act like a jerk or troll, or anything that will put you on my bad side. I don't tolerate it, and you will be blocked. The length of my block list saddens me, but apparently I attract weirdos and idiots, please don't be one of these.

Thank you for at least visiting my page however~

If you wish to thank me for a fav, llama, or anything, do feel free to I don't mind~ You're all welcome. c:

3DS Friend Code for Pokemon X/Y

Friend Code: 3780 - 9305 - 3185

Trainer Name: Amanda

If you'd like to add me, just send me your friend code as well! ovo

Doomy's Shiny Hunting Adventures in Y

Masuda Method
#'s are approx.
130 eggs
330 eggs
330 eggs
300 eggs
330 eggs
60 eggs
1120 eggs
360 eggs
445 eggs
211 Eggs

Next: Ralts; Chimchar; Skarmory

Friend Safari


Stamp - Photoshop User by firstfearStamp - Tablet User by firstfear

Friends n' Stuff

Little Sister


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Thank you for the llama!
TwinBowser Mar 29, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
art payment:
hope you don't mind the inclusion of harriet
(1 Reply)
Hidden by Owner
(1 Reply)
Dragon-of-Twilight Mar 11, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I drew Void and Cicero on a sticky note at work a little bit ago
I don't think I can submit it to the group tho since they'd consider it a "doodle"
but I'm gonna upload it anyways cuz it's adorable
(2 Replies)
Hey there, I felt like sharing this story with you xD

Something weird happen to me in my pokemon Y game.
I few months ago I was trying to breed a shiny Zangoose. I hatched about 30 eggs before giving up (I know its not a lot be eh xD) Then I stacked them up a box and never touched it again. Until I decide to clean that box... I was browsing thru the ox and then I saw a shiny zangoose...





I am shocked XD
(1 Reply)
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